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Post Production Services

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3D Animation
Creation of 3D animated elements, characters, and environments to bring your concept to life.
Color Grading
Professional color correction and grading to enhance the visual tone and beauty of your footage.
Visual FX
Additional effects such as adding or removing elements, compositing and other visual enhancements.
Offline Editing
Comprehensive video and audio editing including emotional cutting, enhancing footage, and basic transitions.
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Project Schedule and Budgets:

  • Offline Editing: Typically finishes in 3 days.

  • Visual FX: Starting from 2 days, depending on complexity.

  • Color Grading: Typically finishes in 1 day.

  • 3D Animation: Starting from 4 days, depending on project scope.

**Minimum Project Budget: $5,000
**Minimum Post Schedule: 5 days


  • Minor offline editing and grading revisions are included.

  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions for VFX and 3D animation until the deadline.

  • Additional revisions after the deadline cost $500 per day.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Team: Over 20 years of experience in VFX and post-production.

  • High Quality: We deliver top-notch visual effects and animations tailored to your needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our focus is on exceeding client expectations through meticulous attention to detail.

Client Testimonials:


"Master VFX transformed our project with their incredible effects and attention to detail. Highly recommend!"
- Pedros Temizian, Director

Recent Projects:

  • HUB71 : Manifesto Movie

  • Alpro : Global Commercial Series

  • The National Cybersecurity Authority Movie

  • SportsBlvdSA : Saudi National Day 92 Film

  • Zain : Iraq Commercial Campaign

Contact Us:

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